Lettre à Bill Gates

À: Ti-Bill

De: Montrealaisfelquiste

Sujet: Votre compagnie de merde, maudit crosseur


(NDLR: Le courriel suivant a été envoyé pour de vrai) 

Dear Mr Gates,

I’m bringing to your attention today my frustrations about the repair service I’m being offered by your shitty company.

I purchased my Xbox 360 in April 2007. I’ve played it for 5 months and it broke beginning of september 2007.  I was having a  »red circle » around the power button and it didn’t work anymore.

I’ve contacted Marie-Louise at Xbox customer support with my problem and I’ve sent my console for repair.

I received it back last friday October 6th at my residence in Montreal, Canada.

After a month without it, I was looking forward to play it.

I plugged it and it now has a brand new problem.  The console doesn’t recognize the wireless controllers anymore.

No need to say I was extremely disappointed it still wasn’t working properly.  I phoned back customer support, and went thru trouble shooting with the technician.  We figured out my Xbox still has a problem.

I was so angry I asked for a new one.  Gentleman I spoke with said he couldn’t do that and he said I have to SEND BACK THE XBOX for another month for repair again !!!!

Here is my issue :

I’ve paid 550$ for a brand new Xbox 360 I played for 5 months.  I sent it a month for repair, came back broken again, and now I have to send it for a second month without knowing if it’ll come back in good condition.  I am mad I can’t play for two months after paying top dollars for a product.

Bottom line is:

I am unhappy about the way Xbox handles my problem and I believe what I’m going thru is unacceptable. 

I am seriously considering taking legal actions to fix this issue.

Thanks for reading my concerns.

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  1. Moi, j’aurais ajouté l’info du numéro de série…
    Le sous-fifre de Ti-Bill va probablement se torcher avec ton courriel ce soir… Sowy pal, qu’il te dira!

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