Ben oui…

Je suis en direct de la Capitale Nationmarde.  Depuis 3 jours seulement.  Le présent billet sera donc publié dans la langue du pays.  Je suis contre les accomodements raisonables.  Moi je m’adapte au peuple qui me reçoit.

I have to admit that Ontario is much better than I thought it was.  Not that I’ve never been here before, but traveling on your own is so boring that you can appreciate all the details you wouldn’t see otherwise.  I know I’m in the eastern part of the province but still, life is different here.  Can’t stop comparing this metropolis to mine.  Things are not the same that’s for sure.

First example that comes to my mind is the overall driving of the population.  It’s much less stressed.  The roads are full of Sunday drivers.  People respect speed limits at all cost.  Pedestrians have the uncontested priority.  Just like everywhere else in the ROC.  I’ve almost hit a few ones crossing a high speed boulevard without paying extra attention.  I’ve probably been yelled at a couple of times.  I do realize that I was the one who was careless… After grumbling a few bad words of my own.  I can easily picture why they call us crazy Quebecers.  Drive 15 km/h above the limit and you almost get horned at.

The biggest obstacle I’ve faced is getting fast service from clerks, weither it’s at a gas station, a fast food restaurant, a bank or an hotel.  Employees just don’t seem to give a shit about you or your schedule and obviously take it an hour at the time.  That’s fine by me, except when I’m really starving.

Customers I have visited are as much easy going as the rest of the town.  They are slow talkers and slow walkers.  I respect that.  It somehow reminds me of some areas I’ve visited in my own province in the past. 

TV channels are boring, just like in my hometown.  Okay most of them are the same I have to confess…

My foreign accent doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Of course, lots of people understand french here so I guess they are used to tourists like myself.  Road signs are bilingual which must provide free anal herpes to Howie Galganov. 

Picturing the bastard creaming his ass in the washroom/toilettes of a MacEwen makes me smile big time.

This being said, even though I’m closer from home than when I stay in Quebec City, it still feels like I’m much far away.  It does feel like I’m not where I belong.  Don’t misjudge my words, it is great here in Canada’s Capital.  Most citizens are friendly.  Gas sells for 1.15$ a liter as of today…

It’s simply not my own Capital.

Culture, language, people, manners and habits are different.

Not negative, simply different.

I miss Babe and I miss home.  At least I have this web page which keeps me company everywhere I end up.  Here, I do feel I’m home.

Traveling alone does suck sometimes.

Good night folks.